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because blogcrews/claims are so addicting! do i need to state another reason? you're free to WATCH the community. you do not need to join. if you'd like to be affiliates, you can just comment HERE and i will get back to you asap~

o1. most of the blogcrews i've created are either multi-fandom (you can pretty much claim anything) or asian-related (includes animangas).
o2. i usually give users ONE or TWO claims while each claim gets THREE users. if you're a watcher, you get ONE extra claim! a striked-out claim means that it cannot be claimed it anymore!
o3. first-come, first-serve basis! i don't want drama here!
o4. READ THE GUIDELINES/NOTES! i usually have you put something in your comment's subject line. i will totally delete your comment if the subject line is blank.
o5. i will always reply to your comment to tell if your claiming has been approved or not. DO NOT ADD THE CODE TO YOUR JOURNAL AFTER YOU'VE COMMENTED. you will have to wait for my comment THEN you can grab the code. after approval, please put the code up somewhere PUBLIC so i can see it... may it be in your profile or your blogcrew/claim post.
o6. NO ALTERING MY CODES AT ALL! 'nuff said.
o7. last but not least, enjoy the blogcrews! :D